Here are some of my projects. Navigate to the right to have a look at them.

Feester API logo

Feedster API

A system for storing and managing RSS feeds and collections of RSS feeds, with built in user management.
Feedster API is under development, but is ready for a front end.


PyGallery by Christian Fjeld


A very lightweight web based image gallery intended for headless servers.

The gallery uses existing folder structure, and dynamically creates thumbnails with the help of ImageMagick.

[Demo] [GitHub]



An RSS-reader with a smooth and simple interface that makes reading the news an enjoyable experience.

With the ability to save or delete articles with just a swipe, you can easily choose what you want to see, and what you don't want to see.


Tinas Hårdesign

Tinas Hårdesign

On a webpage that's all about dynamic content, it's important to easily be able to manage it.

Built with the Django framework, TinasHå makes it simple to add, change and delete content through the admin interface.


On This Day

On This Day

An app that provides daily historical facts related to science, politics, celebrities, sports and much more.

[Google Play]

Coin Ticker

Coin Ticker

An app that lets you monitor the values of the most popular digital currencies in a very clear and managable way.

[Google Play]


Occasionally I'll bring my video camera and drone outside when I'm doing something. Navigate right for some of the videos I've created.

Trysilfjellet - 15.01

Lysgårdsbakkene 07.10


It's a must to capture good scenery or a starry night sky. Recently I've started taking my LX100. Navigate right to check out some of the pictures it shoots.

Photo from Åsen taken by Christian Fjeld.

Åsen - 11.11.2017


Raufoss - 30.12.2016


Elverum - 28.12.2016

Christian Fjeld

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